I'm still here

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Well it's been awhile so I thought I should update my blog. A bit has happened since I was on here last. Firstly, Andrew's nan in Tassie passed away so we had an unexpected trip to the Apple Isle last weekend. I hadn't actually ever met her, but heard many great stories about her. Andrew hadn't seen her in over 9 years, so that's a bit sad. Although we were in Tassie for a funeral, we managed to have quite a good time. It was great to meet some of Andrew's family that I haven't yet met, and it was nice to be away from the house for a bit and we even did a couple of holiday type things. We were staying across the road from the beach, so we took Joel there (he's never been before) and he was totally transifxed by the ocean. He couldn't take his eyes off it. We also took a trip to the Burnie Cheese centre (sounds boring but I was only there for the tastings!! and they were definitely worth it!) and we also checked out a little gourmet chocolate factory called the House of Anvers. Very cute and super yummy chocolate.

One of the other bonus whilst we were in Tassie was that Andrew's sister and her daughter Jessie were staying with us. Joel loves Jessie. I mean LOVES her. And Jessie loves hanging around Joel, playing with him, making him laugh. She is such a little mother to him. Was awesome to know that she was there to keep him entertained
Joel certainly enjoyed a little bit of chocolate pudding at one of our dinner's out. The next couple of days I certainly did not enjoy the nappies he was producing!!
One of the "FUN" things about staying in a motel - no bath so the sink had to do. Joel had great fun trying to escape on us.
Joel's top two teeth are pretty much bulging out of his gums, poor little love so he's fave thing at the moment is this teething ring. Bet it feels good to chew on
What else is new? I can't think. It's been so long. That'll do for now. There is plenty to read and look at.
Hoping that I can stay a little bit more on top of the blogging. And hoping to have some scrapbooking to share soon too.
Till next time

Joel laughing at himself

Saturday, April 05, 2008

My mum and dad gave us a voucher for Christmas to have lunch at the Langham Hotel here in Melbourne. Very la di da. More about that later but I wanted to share a little clip of Joel while we were there. This is his new little laugh thing that he has started doing.