Days 12-15

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OK so here are days 12-15. I am really loving doing this - it's been so much fun

Day 12 - memories of Christmas Past

Day 13 - Christmas Music - faves? Do you like it? etc....

Day 14 - gifts on the big day - when do you open them, who gives them out?

Day 15 - visitors - do you have any over the holidays, etc..

That's about it for now. Am hoping to bake some gingerbread today - YUM!! Love it love it.

Till next time

Stll here and still Journalling

Monday, December 15, 2008

OK so I've been sick the last week so haven't been doing much blogging and I got a little behind on my journal. Then on Wednesday night Joel had a shocking tummy bug and was vomiting most of the night/early morning so that wiped us out as well. BUT i am all caught up now! I will post Days 7-11 now and then 12-15 tomorrow as I haven't photographed them yet and it's getting a bit dark now.

Here we go

Day 7 - all about our to do lists.

Day 8 - we had to share how it's looking like Christmas around our house/street/city!

Day 9 - we had to scrap about our traditions. I did this last year so I focused on a childhood tradition which was going to/watching the John Martins Christmas Pageant in Adelaide.

Day 10 - wrapping - what are we using? do we enjoy wrapping presents?

Day 11 - the Christmas Tree

OK hopefully Ill be back tomorrow with the rest of the photos and then I am planning on staying on track.

Till next time

JYC Day 4, 5 & 6

Monday, December 08, 2008

OK so I wasn't back yesterday BUT Andrew went to Sydney for a wedding over the weekend and took the camera. SO I couldn't take any pics of my pages. But here they are

Day 4 - we had to write about our Perfect Christmas. I have all photos of pretty things, catalogue and movies Christmas scenes. But that's not what my perfect Christmas is

Day 5 - we had to document how we countdown to Christmas or our Advent traditions/calendars.

Day 6 - share 2 stories of Christmas pasts - 1 good and 1 not so good. Mine were both from last Christmas. Good - it was Joel's first Christmas. Not good - first Christmas without Nanna and Mum & Dad moving away.

So I'm almost up to date!!

Till next time.

JYC Day 3

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Still keeping up with Journal Your Christmas. Woo Hoo! Hoping I can go the distance.

Here is my Day 3 entry - it was all about Christmas cards. Do we make them, buy them , even send them, etc...?? I journalled inside the card.

I used a copy of the Christmas Card I'm sending out to people on the page.

Till tomorrow (hopefully!)

JYC Day 2

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I KNOW!! 2 entries in 1 day. SHOCK HORROR!!
Here is my entry for Day 2. I only just got Day 3 email about 5 mins ago so technically I am caught up!!
We had to journal about the Christmas weather - snow or lack there of here in Australia

Ok that was all - just wanted to share!

Till next time

JYC Day 1

So here is my entry for Day 1 of Journal Your Christmas. They asked us to write a manifesto, a promise to ourselves. So here it is. Cause the prompts are coming from the UK, I am always going to be almost a day behind but that's ok. Joel is asleep now so I am going to try and get Day 2 done.

Christmas tree is half up. Well the tree is up and the decorations are going on tonight when Andrew gets home from work - pray that Joel doesn't trash it too much!! LOL!

Till next time!

Journal Your Christmas

Monday, December 01, 2008

So this year I am doing Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas again. I really loved doing it last year and think it will be something I try and do every year. I may mix it up a bit this year and use the prompts most of the time but also use the journal as a bit of a December Daily diary a la Ali Edwards (see link in sidebar)

So, as today is the 1st of December, the fun starts.

Here is the cover of my journal/album. I really love how it turned out.
MM Poinsetta glitter paper, MM green spot paper, AM Felt Thickers, Typewriter Letters from Willro&co Designs, little Tree badge from AM.

I am hoping to post a bit more regularly during December - just to share lots of Christmas love and joy.

Till next time.

Scrapware have a blog

Monday, November 24, 2008

I love the Scrapware Chipboard embellishments and they now have a blog to check out here

They have a cute birdhouse up for grabs as well so go on over and check it out!

Retreat LOs

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ok ok so i didn't come back yesterday. I'm sorry Beth!! But I'm here now.

Just wanting to share the LOs I did on the retreat

This is the LO I did in Bev's Class. We made our own backgrounds using Glimmer mist and stamps. Lots of fun and mess!

This one is about Joel and his love of books already. Love how this turned out

Just a fun little LO about Joel and this cute little thing he does when we say OH NO!!

Last one was a challenge LO. Had to only use papers, embellishments etc.. that were in my goodie bag from the retreat. I thought it turned out alright!

So there we go. It's going to be wet and windy here in Melbourne over the weekend so I am hoping to get more scrapping done then. Am in the process of making a Christmas/December album up to record all the fun and festivities of the season.

Anyway, till next time

Too much to say, not enough time!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I've been meaning to get on here and post for over a week now but haven't had much time and then when I did Blogger was being a real poo but here I am! So much to say and share. Since my last post, life has been crazy but good. Joel has been giving us lovely wakeful time during the night for the last 2-3 weeks. Most nights (bar maybe 3 in that time) he's been up from around 12-2 (the worst night was 12-5!!!!). Suffice to say, Andrew and I are stuffed!! But we still love him. We've pretty much been going to bed when Joel does just to make up some sleep. We have discovered Joel now has 4 molars which we think is the reason for the wakefulness. We are hoping it finishes soon!!
Andrew is up to his eyeballs in reports and trying to do them tired is not fun for him. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and they should be done by the middle of next week.
The most exciting thing that happened for me was the Scrap of Faith Retreat. I flew up to Brisbane on Friday 7th for the retreat and it was so much fun. I've been chatting to these girls for a couple of years now on the SOF forum and it was so good to meet a lot of them in person. Words cannot describe how it was to spend a weekend with these awesome awesome women of God. And shock horror, I actually got some scrapping done on the weekend as well (amongst all the chatting!!) I so hope I can get to the next one - whenever that will be. I'm better start saving now.
Just wanted to share some pics of the weekend. I will load some pics of the LOs I did on the weekend tomorrow. Too many pics to share today!!

My roomies - Suse, Gayle, Leanne, Nat and Kat

The gorgeous and extremely talented Ro Field

Tracey (who reminds me of someone famous and I still can't pick who!!)

Lou, Ali and I laughing (this pretty much sums up the whole weekend)

Awesome Gayle from WA - one very cool chick

SOF Creator and Awesome God Chick Sal

Nat Mardon and I doing Blue Steel (love this chickie!)

My roomies again

So that was the SOF Retreat in a few photos. So not enough to sum it up but it'll have to do.
Layouts to share tomorrow.

Till next time!

Another LO to share

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Have been MIA for a week. Joel has been sick - conjunctivitis (blergh!) and and ear infection and a molar coming through. How's that for doing it tough. Poor little love. He's been so tired and sad and mopey - it's been horrible to see. It's only really been today that he's perked up a bit. I have had a bit of a head cold too which hasn't been nice but I'll live!

Just wanted to share another LO - as Joel has been sick, I've been home all week so had a bit of spare time to do some scrapping. I have another two almost done as well!!

This was done for the 1,2,3 Cybercrop challenge (this one is the first challenge!)

Wasn't allowed to use Patterned Paper and had to have a stamped background, so I got to use my new KI Memories Block stamps that I bought at Paperific last Friday. I love them.

Anyway, I'm going to go and keep scrapping. I might just leave you with a couple of cutie photos I've taken of Joel in the last couple of weeks.

At playgroup last week (look at my big boy in his cap!)

Fun at the petting farm at Ringwood Salvos Family Fun Day

Playdough fun at the Family Fun Day

Joel and his furry best friend Ali! They love each other!

Anyway, till next time

Scrapping shares

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just a quick update. We are all well. Life is moving quickly heading towards Christmas - what an awesome time of year. Joel is doing really well. Learning and trying new things everyday. We are very much into pushing buttons at the moment - the VCR, remote controls, on his toys, the dishwasher (which makes pretty sounds and lights when you push the button). Joel has also learnt how to turn the TV on using the buttons on the front of the TV!!! And turn the volume up and down and change channel - granted he just continues to push the same button - it's not like he's chosing which station to watch. Just about wet myself the other day when I turned the tele on and it came blaring on - the volume was at 50!! He's been pushing the volume button!!! But it's all fun!

Just thought I'd come on here and share a few of my latest LOs. The first two were done for the Battle of the Scrappers challenges at 3 Angels Scrapping and the last 2 were done for Scrap of Faith's September Challenges.

Anyway, that's about it for today.
Will be back hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday for a photo update.

Till next time!

Joel Sleep Eating 1

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This happened Sunday night. Joel hadn't slept all day and we got to dinner time and it was all a bit much to eat tea!!

The Toilet Paper Adventure

Monday, October 06, 2008

This is some video footage of Joel's toilet paper adventure. Please note the bucket in the bathroom is not cause we have been sick - we are trying to be water savers!!

The Toilet Paper Adventure

I went to work last night for a couple of hours and when I came back Andrew showed me what Joel had gotten up too. Luckily Andrew is the husband of a scrapbooker and knew to take photos. Andrew said he was preparing for school on the computer and it had gone all quiet. Then he heard a swishing noise coming towards the door and this is what he saw.

Crazy kid. I love him so much!!

Am going to try and scrap tonight so will hopefully be back in the next couple of days to show some stuff off!

Joel Photo Overload

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ok so it's been a few weeks so I thought I'd better say hi in case you think I've moved to a foreign country or something (i wish hey!!)
Life is good - Andrew is on holidays and I have been working a lot so haven't had much time to blog. Joel is doing well. Loves to walk everywhere, loves going outside - often cries by the back/front doors to be let out!!
He loves to "read" books at the moment. He'll sit there for ages and look at them, reading them out loud. He babbles away.

Another love of Joel's at the moment is the TV show In the Night Garden on ABC. He will sit through the full 1/2 hour show and not avert his eyes from the screen. He doesn't do that with any other show. It is quite a cute show. It has become a daily ritual to sit down and watch that together at 9am!

Just wanted to share a few (ok a lot) of recent photos. We have been enjoying the spring weather and going for walks down to our local park which has a big pond with ducks. Joel loves to try and chase them. They are way to fast for him though. It's fun to watch him try though! He also loves the slide. Very cute to see him starting to play on the playground and stuff.
So here are some recents (especially for my sister Beth who is currently in Egypt and missing her nephew!!)

Sorry there are so many (actually I'm not) but they were all a bit too cute to cut out!
Anyway, we are going for a walk down the park again so better fly

Till next time!