In a sharing mood

Sunday, October 28, 2007

So my poor blog has been neglected for almost 2 weeks but that's ok. I don't feel guilty about it. I really haven't felt like blogging so I didn't. But stuff has been happening. I guess the biggest thing is that my mum and dad are moving overseas. Where to I hear you say? They are moving to a little country called Moldova which is in Eastern Europe. WHERE (i hear you say again) My thoughts exactly!! It's a land locked country between the Ukraine and Romania.They are moving over there with work - they are Salvation Army Officers and are going to be in charge of the Army in Moldova. It's very exciting for them amd I am very excited for them but I am also really bummed that I won't get to see them whenver I like and that they'll miss out on a lot of stuff with Joel. Oh well c'est la vie!!

What else? It was Joel's dedication at church last Sunday. It all went really well and it was such a blessing to have a lot of our family and friends there. Had a BBQ afterwards and it was so nice - a little warm weather wise but awesome all the same.
I've mananged to get some scrapbooking done this week. Almost done three layouts. Amazing, I know. Thought I'd share the two I've finished. First LO has one of the photos of Joel taken by the amazing Katie Toland - such tiny feet!!

My girlfriend Marina and I took our little dudes to storytime at the library this week. It was so cute. Joel had a ball. Loved looking at the pictures in the books and also all the little songs and rhymes we sung. We are going back this week.

I think I have rambled on enough. I'll leave you with a cute piccie that was taken at the BBQ lunch last week after Joel's dedication. It's Joel and I doing Blue Steel (it's a Zoolander thing!)

Till next time

New tech baby and another LO

Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's been a week since my last confession, I mean blog update!! The days and weeks just seem to be blending into each other!

We are all doing well. Joel is a great baby. He's been a little ratty this week but I so can't complain. He's still sleeping through the night and that 's what counts so all is good. Andrew has been back at school this week so we are back to some sort of normalcy around here.

We have ourselves a brand new printer. It's so pretty!! It's an Epson and I love it already. The picture quality is wild.

And I've managed to do some more scrapping this week (actually it's taken me the whole week to finish one thanks to Joel!!) Thought i'd share here.

Next Sunday, is Joel's dedication at church so that'll be awesome. Gotta go find a spunky little outfit for him this week.

Anyway, I really don't have a very exciting life to blog about so I'll leave it for now.

Till next time


Sunday, October 07, 2007

I am feeling somewhat serious and thoughtful today and just wanted to share.
I was at church today and the woman who spoke used a quote from Ghandi in her message. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." How brilliant is that quote.
There have been people in my life that have hurt me. Some intentionally, some not so much. My first and human reaction is to want to get back at these people. To hurt them as they have hurt me. But that just ain't right. I really fear that world is starting to go blind. There is so much hate and revenge going on in the world. We need a little less hate and a whole lot more love in the world.
I don't want to be a person that feels the need for revenge. I want to be the keeper of the Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
No matter what others may do to me, I choose to love!!

Will you choose to love too?

New Banner and some scrapping shares

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Thought it was time for a new banner. Loving these photos of Joel at the moment. He is just the best kid ever. Totally biased I know, but I'm allowed to be - I'm his mum.

Life is good at the moment. Andrew is on holidays so the three of us have been hanging out - hence the lack of updated blog - I have better things to do.

Joel is doing really well. We have hit the 10 pounds mark so that's good - he is 3 months today - cannot believe how quick it's all gone. So cliche isn't it, but it's so true.

Have been getting a little scrapbooking done at night - Andrew has been making his way through old Macgyver episodes which doesn't really interest me so scrapping it is.

Thought I'd share a couple that i've done - both of Joel of course!! Excuse the dodgy scans but the pages were a little lumpy.

Anyway, i'm off to enjoy the sunshine - 26 today. Bring it on.

Til next time