Some scrapbooking shares

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I've finally done some scrapping over the last few weeks. Feels good to make stuff again. Just wanted to share the stuff I've done.

This one is about Joel's little baby mullet. It's gone now :(
All about Joel (aren't they all!!!) and what he's eating at the moment.
My little Mama's boy at the moment. Awesome photos by the most awesome Katie Toland!
A little LO about Andrew and his want for Joel to support the West Coast Eagles.

I did this LO for a Challenge over at Country Scrapbooking. Needed to use a She quote.

Joel and I both have colds at the moment and my poor little sweetpea has two more teeth coming through either side of his top front teeth. He's been getting it from all sides this month - gastro, cold, teeth. So much for the non sick week!! So we've been laying low this week, staying inside and warm and Vicksed up - love that stuff.

Anyway, Joel is asleep so I am going to try and do some more scrapping. And Andrew needs to jump on the computer to do reports - erghhhh!!
Can't leave without a pic of the little dude. He's loving the bath and swimming and water in general at the moment. He loves to splash. I took this photo mid splash and think it's pretty funny!!
Till next time

Teeth and swings

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life has been busy and crazy the last few weeks. Joel and i got gastro last week, my sisters and I went to a taping of Deal or No Deal (no money was won by us but we each opened a case!! BIG DEAL hey!). My sister Clare had her baby shower on Saturday - my other sister Beth and I organised it. It went super well, if I do say so myself. So I'm looking forward to a few less crazy, non-sick weeks ahead!!

Just came on to share a few pics of Joel (especially for my M&D, but really for everyone's viewing pleasure). Can't believe he is going to be 1 in 7 weeks. Probably should start thinking about a party for him!!
The first pics are of Joel on his swing which is hanging from a tree in our backyard. He LOVES going on it. His little face just lights up and he giggles away. The dogs come and hang round too and he loves them too.

The last couple of pics are a couple that I snapped today. We didn't have any shots of his little bottom teeth and now the top two have come through and I managed to catch these shots without being too blurry.
I'll leave it at that.
I've been tagged and I'll get to that tomorrow or Friday!!
Till next time!