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Monday, October 30, 2006

Man oh man, life has been crazy busy over the last week. Work's been really busy and I just seem to have had a lot going on.

Had a great great weekend. Worked at the Paperific show on the Scrapanalia stand for Jess. The show was great. So busy and so many things to see and do. Got to meet up with so many people - some old friends and even met some new ones. It was an awesome experience and I am really grateful to Jess for asking me to help out. The photos above are of the gorgeous Scrapanalia stand - it was so well set out and the stuff all just looked so yummy. The other photo is of Ange, Jess, Sofi and I in our funky Scrapanalia aprons. How funny do I look - I look like a floating head but that's the best we could do cause the lights were so bright in the stands

Managed to have a look around and buy a few goodies as well as work. Bought myself a new pair of super pointy scissors which are totally awesome. Also got myself some Collections stamps, a stack of Bazzill Cardstock and a few other bits and pieces. Didn't go to crazy spending money (well you actually gotta have money to go crazy, don't ya!!)

Got my last game of Basketball tonight. And it's against the top team, who have won every game. We are the bottom team and have only won one game. We are so tempted to just forfeit! LOL. Cause the Greys Anatomy season final is on tonight. So excited and totally devestated at the same time. What am I going to do on a Monday night now. Well actually, I could probably scrap a bit more rather than just buying the product! Now that would be a total novel concept. I am so hopeless. I did half a LO at the Dylan day last Saturday and have yet to finish it off. Although I never seem to get sick of buying stuff.

Anyway, here's to a nicer week in which I can find the time to scrapbook!

5 things I am grateful for today
1. A fun weekend at Paperific
2. A great Children's day at church yesterday - it was brilliant
3. The last game of basketball tonight
4. Some nice new scrapbooking goodies to play with
5. An awesome night at my sis and brother-in-laws on Saturday night. Love you guys

Till next time, I promise to be a better blogger!

A great weekend and another one ahead

Monday, October 23, 2006

I have had an awesome weekend, apart from the fact that Andrew was away. No, that is not why I had a great weekend. Hee hee! I spent most of Saturday at the Dylan Hartung Fundraising scrapbook day. I had an absolute blast and it was awesome that they raised $10000 for Dylan so that he can continue his treatment. You can check out who Dylan is and what he's up to here. Dylan's dad was there and it was great to hear a little of Dylan's story. It was quite an emotional day and was awesome that so many people could help out in this small way. I didn't get much scrapbooking on the day but had a ball catching up with old buds and making new ones. Was so awesome to meet a lot of the Scrap Pile girls (an online scrapbooking site that I frequent quite a bit). Nice to meet Ruey, Michelle and Lisa. And catch up again with Sofi, Katie and Ange. Here's a photo of us all.

Yesterday I went to church which was a great time. Love my church and the people there. It's such an awesome place to be. After church I went out to lunch we my best friend Marina, her hubby Peter and the rest of her family. It was so nice and I had a fantastic time getting to know her family a bit better. I also got to give Marina her present which I've been working hard on. I made her some of those IKEA drawers that I posted awhile back, but changed the colour scheme. Also made a little quote book to go in one of the drawers. So stoked with how it turned out and I think Marina really liked it. Will try and post pictures later today as Blogger has decided to only let me post one picture. Hmph!!

Speaking of Marina and Peter, they have some excting news. They are expecting their first baby in May. So exciting for them. Got to see the ultrasound video yesterday and they have an active bub. Congratulations guys. You are going to be awesome parents!

Next weekend I am working at the Paperific Show for Scrapanalia (can check out the link in my sidebar). I'm really looking forward to that. Love the buzz and the atmosphere that this show has and I am so privileged to be working for Jess. She is awesome and she has a few goodies up her sleeve!!

Anyway, enough crapping on.

5 things I am grateful for today
1. An awesome day of scrapping and chatting on Saturday
2. A great day at church yesterday - I was definitely feeling the love
3. A fantastic lunch with friends yesterday
4. Exciting new beginnings for Marina and Peter
5. That Andrew had a great weekend and got home safe.

And before I go, I want to wish my avid blog reader Bruce and his gorgeous wifey Jackie, a fantastic trip to the US. Hope you guys have a blast and enjoy chilling out. Have fun in Vegas!

A new phone

Friday, October 20, 2006

I am still here. Just haven't had much to say this week. I've been pretty busy this week. Got myself a new phone on Wednesday. Have jumped on the 3 bandwagon and I have to stay (even after only 2 days) I am loving it. I can check out the news, weather, movie times, watch movies trailers and cartoons. I can also listen to the radio! It really is quite a novelty at the moment and I'm sure it will wear off but hey I'll enjoy it while I can.

Andrew is off to a conference in Geelong for the weekend. It's all about worship and he's really looking forward to it. So I am all by my lonesome for the weekend. Although not really. I am off to the Dylan Hartung Scrapbooking Fundraiser all day tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun. Really looking forward to meeting some of my online friends for the first time and catching up with some i've already met quite a bit. Hopefully get a bit of scrapbooking done in amongst all the chatting.

Sunday I'm off to church in the morning then going out for lunch with Marina and her family to celebrate her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YESTERDAY MARINA)

Well that's really all for now. Hopefully have some more exciting stuff to share next time. I really have become quite a boring blogger.

5 things I am grateful for
1. A funky new phone - oh so exciting
2. Some extremely good news about some friends (will share really soon)
3. The opportunity to meet some new people tomorrow
4. A great week at work
5. My family

Till next time

And the winner is....

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ok now for post 101! Thanks everyone for stopping by and saying hi to me. So cool to see who reads this. Well I have drawn the names out of a hat and the winner is..... wait for it.... there is actually two winners and I'll explain why in a second NAT MARDON and my sister Beth. YAY!
Now here is why there are two winners. The two bits of paper there name's were written on were entangled in each other so there was obviously meant to be two winners.

So Nat email me your address so I can send you your pressie (servingtheson@hotmail.com) and Beth - I know where you live!

Not much happening around here. Went to an NBL game last night which was lots of fun and really exciting. Semi busy week ahead. Hopefully have some scrapping to show off in the next week or so. Going to the Dylan Hartung Scrapbooking Fundraiser next Saturday. I am really looking forward to that. Should be a lot of fun and pretty emotional too.

5 things I am grateful for today
1. My church family - love my church
2. Great friends
3. A fun night at the Scrap of Faith cyber crop on Friday night
4. That my house is pretty tidy
5. Idol's on tonight and Grey's is on tomorrow

Till next time

Bronzed Up & Post #100

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Well I did my Bronze Medallion training over the weekend and I passed so that is a huge relief. I'd really started to doubt myself last week - only trained once cause I was sick and was starting to panic that I wouldn't be able to meet the requirements. But I had nothing to worry about. Although I was still sick - blocked nose and pretty much no voice, I swam my 400m in 12 mins (we had 13 mins to do it) and I had 3:15 mins to swim 50m freestyle then tow someone 50m. This was really hard going as we weren't allowed to use any aids to tow - kickboard, etc.. just our arms. I managed to do that exercise in 3:05 so that was a pretty close call!! But it's over with now. I acutally really enjoyed myself and it was a great bunch of people in the group so that's always good.
Apart from swimming and being sick, not much else has been happening. Managed to get a LO done on Sunday night. The photo is of my hubby Andrew. He was having a total laughing fit and I captured it on film. I really love this photo and I am really happy with how the LO turned out. The journalling block is one of my new Autumn Leaves stamps that I got last week. I am totally in love with these already!! Picture below.

Now before I go, this is my 100th post on this blog. Can you believe I have rambled on 100 times?? I would really really love to know who actually reads this blog. So here is my proposal. I would love for anyone and everyone who reads this blog to take an extra minute to post a comment and say hi to me. Then I will put all your names in a hat and pull out one and then send that person a pressie. If you are a scrapbooker, it'll be scrapbook related. If you are not, I'll send something else! I'll give you till Friday of this week (13th - wooooo!!) Then I'll post who the winner is over the weekend. Happy commenting!

So please please please leave me a message.

5 things I am grateful for today
1. That I passed my Bronze Medallion Course
2. That Lavina got voted out of Idol
3. My sisters - just cause
4. Greys Anatomy - it seriously gets better and better every week
5. That I am loved and accepted

Till next time

Some scrapbooking goodies

Thursday, October 05, 2006

So over the last week I've managed to get myself a few scrapbooking goodies. I bought a AMM tote from Scrapanalia. Love this little bag. It's got so many little pockets and places to put all sorts of goodies in. I also got a couple of sets of Autumn Leaves stamps from Blue Baazar. Love these stamps. Saw them on Ali's site and just had to get me some. Used the money I got from having my LO published to buy these. I am so excited to get stuck into using them. Wanted to share some photos of them with you but blogger again is being a poo. I'll try later!

I am getting sick - again. Same old blocked nose, killer sore throat and watery eyes. Although this time I am losing my voice so I have this husky "sexy" voice. Sounds more like Tracey Bartram then sexy but hey. Being snotty and sniffly and husky really sucks and being sick is wearing me out. I am so tired. And I've only been back at work for like 4 days.!! GRRR!! At least I didn't get sick while I was on holidays.
My girlfriend Marina dropped over yesterday and brought me some get well goodies - OJ, the latest Donna Hay magazine and the clincher - Connisouer Cookies and Cream Ice-Cream. YUM. So not diet friendly but I so don't care. The bummer about being sick is I haven't been swimming for a couple of days and my bronze medallion thingy is on this weekend. Really hope it all clears soon or breathing under the water may be a severe problem!

Have been reading Jane & Glenn McGrath's book 'A love of life.' Glenn is an Australian cricketer and when he and Jane had only been going out for 18 months she was diagnosed with breast cancer. They both tell their stories about that journey. It's a great book and has really made me grateful for what I have and for my relatively good health. It's also made me remember that you are never to young to get breast cancer (Jane was only 31)

So get those breasts checked regularly girls

5 things I am grateful for today
1. Cadbury has bought out Macadaemia chocolate - yeah
2. Marina for looking after me yesterday
3. New scrapbooking goodies to play with
4. A new season of Survivor starting
5. That although I am feeling fairly crap at the moment, I am healthy and alive!

Till next time

Two bits of exciting news

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Firstly, my friend Cath had her baby - Amaya Grace. She was born last night at 5:15pm, weighing a tiny 4 pounds 10. She'll be in the neo-natal ward for a week or so. So sad they live so far away - they live in Adelaide. Just want to give Cath a big hug - what a trooper. And I really want to give little Amaya a snuggle. Hopefully I'll be able to share some pics soon.

Secondly, last night my basketball team won our first game. So exciting. We were jumping around, screaming like crazy women. You'd think we'd won the flippin Grand Final or something. We won by 1 point. Was such a good game.

Anyway, just wanted to share those 2 exciting things
Things I am grateful for today
1. The safe arrival of Amaya Grace
2. That we won a game of basketball - finally
3. I have a night at home to do some scrapping tonight
4. Ali Edwards email newsletter - love it and it's totally inspiring
5. That Andrew and I both had good first days back at work

Till next time

We're the Eagles, the West Coast Eagles

Monday, October 02, 2006

So the Eagles won and Andrew is totally stoked. He was Eagles crazy before but it's gotten worse over the weekend. We had to buy 2 copies of both The Age and the Herald Sun yesterday and we are now the owners of not 1, not 2 but 3 Weg posters - they are the cartoon posters of the premiership team. Although my team lost, I was glad that the Eagles won. I hate to think what life would be like around here if the Swans had beaten the Eagles again! It was such a good game to watch though. A real nail biter. So life is good at the Spinks house this week. The photo up top is of Andrew and his mate Brendan (Frij) who is one of about 8 people Andrew went to the Grand Final with.

So while Andrew spent the whole day on Saturday at the Grand Final, I managed to alter some little drawers that I bought from IKEA. I am so happy with how they turned out and now i have heaps more storage space for my scrap stuff. I just painted the main box unit, then covered the front of the drawers with patterned paper (K&Co - it's so pretty). Then I just mod podge over the top. I think I may have to go and get a couple more and do them up as presents for people!!

Also ended up going out for coffee with Jess and Angus. She had a AMM tote to give me (which Andrew is getting for me for my birthday!) That was lots of fun and I cannot believe how much Angus has grown up. His so not a little bub anymore. Also caught up with Carolyne at Scrappy Hollow - had to go scrap shopping!!

So my weekend in a nutshell.

Ohh and last night I got a text from my girlfriend in Adelaide - her waters broke yesterday (2 weeks early) so I am eagerly awaiting news of a new baby very soon. So exciting!!

5 things I am grateful for
1. A happy hubby
2. The opportunity to see Jess & Carolyne on Saturday
3. The chance to be creative on the weekend
4. My church family - I have such an awesome church
5. That I'll be an honourary auntie really really soon! Go Cath Go!!

Till next time