Bronzed Up & Post #100

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Well I did my Bronze Medallion training over the weekend and I passed so that is a huge relief. I'd really started to doubt myself last week - only trained once cause I was sick and was starting to panic that I wouldn't be able to meet the requirements. But I had nothing to worry about. Although I was still sick - blocked nose and pretty much no voice, I swam my 400m in 12 mins (we had 13 mins to do it) and I had 3:15 mins to swim 50m freestyle then tow someone 50m. This was really hard going as we weren't allowed to use any aids to tow - kickboard, etc.. just our arms. I managed to do that exercise in 3:05 so that was a pretty close call!! But it's over with now. I acutally really enjoyed myself and it was a great bunch of people in the group so that's always good.
Apart from swimming and being sick, not much else has been happening. Managed to get a LO done on Sunday night. The photo is of my hubby Andrew. He was having a total laughing fit and I captured it on film. I really love this photo and I am really happy with how the LO turned out. The journalling block is one of my new Autumn Leaves stamps that I got last week. I am totally in love with these already!! Picture below.

Now before I go, this is my 100th post on this blog. Can you believe I have rambled on 100 times?? I would really really love to know who actually reads this blog. So here is my proposal. I would love for anyone and everyone who reads this blog to take an extra minute to post a comment and say hi to me. Then I will put all your names in a hat and pull out one and then send that person a pressie. If you are a scrapbooker, it'll be scrapbook related. If you are not, I'll send something else! I'll give you till Friday of this week (13th - wooooo!!) Then I'll post who the winner is over the weekend. Happy commenting!

So please please please leave me a message.

5 things I am grateful for today
1. That I passed my Bronze Medallion Course
2. That Lavina got voted out of Idol
3. My sisters - just cause
4. Greys Anatomy - it seriously gets better and better every week
5. That I am loved and accepted

Till next time


Anonymous said...

I'll confess - I read your blog Megan! I'ts good hearing about what you're up to in a different forum. And just so everyone knows - you're an excellent card maker. You should set up a little side business! Happy 100th post!

Jess said...

Yay you! For the bronze medallion and for the 100th post. You know I stalk your blog every day don't you?


Chloe's Blog said...

Hey Megs,
Always read ur blog, Its always interesting to know what you have been up to as we dont see each other very much anymore.
Keep up the good work.
Chloe :)

Bruce said...

I read and enjoy. You'll have to teach me how to swim one day !

Carolyne Hallum said...

congrats on the bronze - it's sounds a little like the olympics-ha!! great page too....keep posting your work, love seeing what you are getting up to.

Nat-Mardon said...

Well I read too Megan. Don't do the blog rounds as often as I would like, but I definitely pop in once every week or so to see what you're up to!

congratulation on your Bronze Medallion too!!


Sofi p said...

Hi Megan. Huge congrats on your bronze medallion.

I'm a regular too, at reading your blog. I enjoy reading what you get up to, and seeing your fantastic layouts.

Ali said...

Congrats on your bronze medallion!! This is awesome news! Hope you have a great day

Cheryl Wray said...

Just wandered over to your blog from Nat's, so this my first time here! Can't wait to catch up and read your other posts!
I'm a scrapbooker too,so loved seeing your layout!!

Sharonski said...

Hi Megs,
Just wanted to say congratulations on getting you're Bronze Medallion. Well done! Hope you're around if I every get in trouble in the water.

Ali said...

Hi again...was i the first!!!???

Suse said...

lol Ali...hi megs...good to meet you tonight!

Beth said...

I read your blog! Now give me a prize!!! (And I got in just before the deadline, phew!!!)

I'm grateful for you too.... OHHHH!!!

Love Beth xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Megs - thanks for the link - I have definately bookmarked you in my favourites now so will be checking your blog in future.
By the way congratulations on your bronze medallion. Love your LO too, looks awesome.

Karen (Scraper 25)

Lyn Dwyer said...

Woohoo..............CONGRATS Megan on getting your Bronze's a great achievement so well done....