Decorating the Tree - Dec 2nd

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

We decorated our tree on December 2nd. It was a lot of fun and Joel was right into putting things on the tree. He loved all the sparkly baubles and other decos. We opted to leave a few of our more precious ornanments off the tree this year - nothing breakable or sentimental! Life with a 2 year old hey! Joel is really good with the tree though so far. He doesn't really touch it and has already worked out how to turn the lights on (first thing in the morning and they are on all day!!)
Here are a few pics of Joel doing some decorating.

Till next time

December so far

Monday, December 07, 2009

I know I know. It's been a few weeks. So much for Friday's five hey. I will try and get back to it this week.
Life the last few weeks had been busy and hectic and crazy and I am looking forward to some things finishing up for the year so we can have a bit of a break.
December so far has been lovely. We have finished our Christmas shopping which feels so good. Christmas cards still need to be made but that will happen this week hopefully!
We spent the night of December 1st with some lovely friends, the Bests and the Battens.
We enjoyed a yummy tea together and then headed up the road from the Bests house to see the light display at one of the neighbours houses. It was gorgeous. Santa came out to see the kids, and the got given lolly bags. Then the kids helped Santa turn the lights on with magic powder thrown in the air.
It was such a delightful way to start the Christmas Season

I'll be back tonight or tomorrow with a tree decorating post
Till next time