As if it's August

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seriously where has the year gone. Can it really be August. Life is good and busy and crazy and I feel blessed. I have 2 lovely boys who are growing and growing so fast. Joel turned 4 a month a go and Noah will be 6 months next week. They are both going well.
JOEL is a handful - boisterous, cheeky, drives me crazy a lot of the time. But he is also super sweet, kind, sensitive, helpful and thoughtful. He is a great little boy. I just wish he would listen to me!!! He is in the kinder room at childcare and loves it. He is really coming along well. We have discovered a program on the internet called Reading Eggs which helps kids from 3-7 with letter recognition and then eventually reading. He has done a couple of lessons on that which he loved and now proudly points out any 'm' 'o' 's' in words on books, signs etc.. Gotta love things that are fun and educational. Joel is adapting to being a big brother. It was a big change and he was a little rough with Noah to start with, but he is so much better now and relishes in the chance to help me with him. He is always trying to make Noah laugh and give him cuddles and kisses.

NOAH is really growing into a gorgeous little boy too. He has the sweetest smile which he happily dishes out to anyone and everyone. He is constantly smiling and goohing and gahhing. He is the loveliest baby. Not a great sleeper which is not so lovely but we can work on that. He's just started rolling and gets ever so proud of himself when he does it. He absolutely adores Joel, always giving him big smiles in the morning and loves "playing" with him. Can't wait till he's a bit older and they can play together.
Short update on the kids but a necessary one

And of course photos!!
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