The next Ian Thorpe

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We took Joel swimming for the first time last Saturday. He was a little unsure, didn't cry or anything but was just a little stunned. It was lots of fun though. I'm sure he'll grow to love it. We are attending lessons on Saturday mornings so Andrew and I are going to alternate going in the pool with him. There were lots of other Dads there - in fact there were only 2 of us chicks in the group of about 9 so I was very impressed at all the dad participation.
Apart from that, not a whole lot has been happening around here. Just day to day stuff. I've been trying to get some scrapping done - somedays I am successful, others I am not. Managed to do this LO of Joel's first bath at home, last week so I thought I'd share it. He was so tiny and skinny. Awwww so sweet!
Done a bit more scrapping stuff this week but I can't share it just yet as it's for a guest design team spot (woohoo) but I'll share the stuff next week and also tell you where you can get the gorgeous kit. Some seriously yummy stuff in this one.

Anyway, that'll do for now. I really need to keep this a bit more updated with photos and stuff, especially for mum and dad. Sorry guys. I'll try harder.

Till next time

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Man boobs, teeth and scrapbooking

Monday, February 04, 2008

My little skinny boy is plumping up. We officially have mini man boobs now. I am so proud!! Gotta love baby boosies.
Life has been good. Andrew is back at work now so Joel and I have been adjusting to it just being the two of us during the day. Joel was looking around a bit on the first couple of days, trying to find Andrew, which was very cute.

We have our first tooth poking through. Would love to take a piccie of it but he won't let me get near his mouth and if I manage to pry it open his little tongue shoots out, covering the tooth. But it's there. He's done really well so far. Been a little bit grizzly but has really been a trooper through it all.
Joel's really sitting up well now too and it so close to crawling. He can move himself backwards, he just has to work out the forwards thing! I know one of these photos is out of focus but it's still so cute so I had to share.

And I've finally done some scrapbooking. Seems like ages since I did an actual page. Really want to get stuck into it. Have so many photos of Joel I want to scrap. But my first page for ages was one about me!! For a challenge on the Scrap of Faith website. It's about God's plan for me in 2008.

Anyway, that's enough for now.
Till next time.