Joel Photo Overload

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ok so it's been a few weeks so I thought I'd better say hi in case you think I've moved to a foreign country or something (i wish hey!!)
Life is good - Andrew is on holidays and I have been working a lot so haven't had much time to blog. Joel is doing well. Loves to walk everywhere, loves going outside - often cries by the back/front doors to be let out!!
He loves to "read" books at the moment. He'll sit there for ages and look at them, reading them out loud. He babbles away.

Another love of Joel's at the moment is the TV show In the Night Garden on ABC. He will sit through the full 1/2 hour show and not avert his eyes from the screen. He doesn't do that with any other show. It is quite a cute show. It has become a daily ritual to sit down and watch that together at 9am!

Just wanted to share a few (ok a lot) of recent photos. We have been enjoying the spring weather and going for walks down to our local park which has a big pond with ducks. Joel loves to try and chase them. They are way to fast for him though. It's fun to watch him try though! He also loves the slide. Very cute to see him starting to play on the playground and stuff.
So here are some recents (especially for my sister Beth who is currently in Egypt and missing her nephew!!)

Sorry there are so many (actually I'm not) but they were all a bit too cute to cut out!
Anyway, we are going for a walk down the park again so better fly

Till next time!

Joel looks just like his Grandpa

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My dad noted that a photo I posted of Joel last week looked like him around the same age. I dug around on the computer to find old photos of Dad and voila! It was like looking at Joel all over again. This is a pic of Dad and a couple of his brothers (he has 4!) with Father Christmas and then my little dude. What do you think??

Freaky hey!
And just wanted to show my latest LO. Pics are of my gorgeous neice Sadie. How cute is she!! This was done for the first round of SYTYCS (So you think you can scrap!) We had to handcut PP designs, have some space, layering, clustering and a couple of other things. I really wanted to do a girlie LO so Sadie was the perfect choice for a subject. I really love how it's turned out!

Anyway, that'll do.

Till next time

Strawberries, sunshine and sandwiches

Friday, September 05, 2008

It was such a gorgeous day here in Melbourne today so I decided that Joel and I were going to have a picnic lunch - in the backyard. He loved it. And the dogs did too. He even shared his lunch with them!! I managed to stop him sharing his drink bottle with them though.

Joel's mouth - always has food in it!

Our gourmet lunch - cheese and vegemite sandwiches and strawberries

Feeding Ali

I love that they are both looking the same way in this one. Too cute

Life is good at the moment. Enjoying my work, enjoying the time I get to spend with Joel, enjoying being a mum, enjoying my journey.