Monday, March 15, 2010

3 MONTHS!!! 3 MONTHS!!! Has it really been that long? It can't have been. SURELY NOT!
Well the last post doesn't lie. 3 months ago I last posted. Shocking bad bad blogger. After all my empty promises of updating once a week! I really really really want to keep going with this blog. It's great for me to look back and see all that's happened and remember what has been. So I am going to try again in 2010! Hey that rhymes! Trying again in 2010! My new mantra maybe!
So what has been happening - man so much to tell and so little space. Christamas has been and gone a long time ago - it was a lovely time for us as a little family. Hanging out together, enjoying Joel - he was lovely this Christmas - full of sparkle and joy. 
What else. I am heading off on my overseas trip with Mum and Dad and my 2 sisters THIS SATURDAY! That's right - 6 DAYS AWAY!! Can you believe it? I sure can't. It's so cliche but it has come around so so quickly. I'm so excited and scared all at the same time.  I am going to miss Andrew and Joel something bad and am the mummy guilt is really starting to set in. What sort of mother am I to be leaving Joel for 3 whole weeks? Will he forget who I am? Will he hate me for leaving? Oh my heart aches a little. I know we will all be fine but I can't help feeling a little anxious about it all?
But mixed in with all that doubt and guilt, is excitement - giddy school girl joy. I cannot wait. We are heading to London, Paris, Athens, Moldova (where Mum and Dad are living) and then Istanbul. Mum and Dad are meeting us in London and we'll be doing everything together. It's going to be awesome. I can't believe in less than a week I'll be in LONDON! It just seems a little surreal.
Anyway. enough gushing about my trip. We are all doing really well. Joel is growing like a weed and brings us so much joy, laughter, fun and a few frustrating moments and headaches as well. Life with a 2.5 year old is certainly an adventure and a challenge all at once. Andrew is doing well as well - life in the classroom is busy and tiring and he has a lot to do before I abandon him and Joel for 3 weeks. But I know he and Joel will enjoy the time together.  And I am doing well too. Just carrying on with life as normal - work, playgroup, music, swimming, etc.. I have also started a Biggest Loser challenge with a few friends and have currently lost just over 2 kgs which is nice. Am hoping to lose a whole lot more in the coming weeks,

Anyway,didn't want this to be a long post as I don't even know if anyone is still out there reading this - I doubt it after a 3 month absence. But I just wanted to reconnect myself to blogging and start again. I'll leave you with a few recent potos of us, Just to remind you of what we look like!!

Till next time. Maybe from London!!!!!