I day to go

Friday, March 30, 2007

I am so excited. This time tomorrow I'll be in sunny Cairns at the start of our 10 day holiday. We are so looking forward to hanging out together, sleeping in, bumming around at the beach, checking out the Great Barrier Reef. It's going to be so fun and so what we need right now.

This won't be a long post cause I really should be packing my bags - that's right I haven't even started yet and I am going out tonight - my dad is graduating from Uni. So proud of him. So we are going along to support him. Which means I have to have my bag packed before I go out tonight - our plane leaves at 9:30 AM in the morning and I really don't want to have to get up any earlier than I have to.

So I shall leave you all for now. If we find an internet cafe or something up there I may post but don't hold your breath!

"See" you all in a couple of weeks

I'll have plenty of photos to share


Help Needed

Monday, March 26, 2007

Andrew and I are off to Cairns this Saturday - totally excited about going on this holiday. Looking forward to sleeping in, hanging out together, having no phone calls to answer, no work. Really looking forward to reading some good books. But I need some suggestions.

I just finished reading Jodi Piccoult's My Sisters Keeper -awesome book. And now I've got the reading bug back and I want to take a few books on holidays with me.

Can anyone give me some suggestions of good books to read? I love autobiographies and novels mostly. Not a huge fan of Mills and Boon type books, or science fiction. Apart from that, I am pretty open.

Please help me with some of your recent selections.

Will post more exciting stuff soon!!

Belly Shots

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just wanted to post a couple of belly shots. These were taken a few weeks ago when I was 5 months pregnant - I'll be 6 months pregnant at the end of this week! It's gone really fast. I am going to take some more belly shots on the weekend to see if there has been any change.

The one thing that is bugging me is that we don't have a nick name for the little one yet. I would love to call it something over the next few months instead of bub.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

Had a baby shower for my friend Marina on the weekend. Was lots of fun. Can't wait till I get to have one for me. Love playing silly games and hanging out with friends and family. Oh and eating yummy food of course.

Got a day off today so after cleaning the house I am going to start sorting through the baby stuff that we have already and see what we need. I think we're going to need to go on a little shopping spree when we get back from Cairns - which is in 10 DAYS!! Yippee. So excited. Looking forward to going on a real holiday.

Sunday is Andrew's birthday so we are going to hopefully do something Saturday night to celebrate - go to a movie or go out somewhere nice for tea. It'll be the last birthday in our house till the baby comes!

Anyway, till next time

5 things I am grateful for today

1. 10 days till our holiday

2. More and more movement from bubs

3. Tea out with my sister's and partners tomorrow night

4. A day and night home today!

5. Family and friends

Enviro Bag invasion

Monday, March 12, 2007

So again I've had a long stint away from this blog. Life is just busy and blogging has taken a back seat to working, eating and sleeping. Had a great few weeks though.

Two weekends ago I spent the weekend at The Country Place in Kalorama for the Scrapanalia Retreat. I had the best time. Was soo good to hang out with old scrapbooking friends and also to make a few new ones. Didn't get a whole lot done but got started on my pregnancy journal album (will post the first page sometime this week) so I was happy with that.
This weekend i've been at a Salvo Youth Workers conference. It was totally full on and tiring and brain draining but a great experience and a great chance to connect with others doing a similar thing to me. All I can say is thank goodness for Labor Day today. I had a much needed sleep in and house day!

Also another totally exciting thing that's happenend in the last couple of weeks is that I've started to feel the baby moving and kicking. Very exciting and a bizarre thing. I first felt in on Tuesday 27th Feb (just for my records!) and now it's happening all the time. Mostly at night and early in the morning. Hoping this is not a sign of things to come when they arrive!!!

So that's me for the last few weeks

Just wanted to share with you a funny little story. Andrew and I got ourselves some chips from our local takeaway shop last Thursday and they gave me an enviro bag to take them home in. Now I am all for saving the planet and using less plastic bags but is this getting a little crazy. These bags are taking over the world. The funnier thing is that I walked up to the shop so I had to walk home with THIS bag in my hand....

I LOVE FISH AND CHIPS!!! So here is this pregnant/chubby lady walking home with a bag that says I love fish and chips. Errr! So now you can eat crap but be doing your bit for the environment. I love it.

Anyway, time for this little one to go to bed.

Till next time (and I hope it's not too long this time!)