I'm Back

Friday, October 09, 2009

I simply cannot believe that it was August that I last blogged. That is shocking. I doubt that anyone still even checks this little place but I am going to pick it up again. I just went through a patch where I didn't feel I had anything to share and if I did I really couldn't be bothered. BUT i'm making the effort to blog more.
So what's been happening. A bit. We've had 2 weeks of school holidays just finish so it was lovely to have Andrew home. We did a few outings - the zoo, Healesville Sanctuary, the Silvan Tulip Festival. All lots of fun.
Joel has been going great guns. His speech is going really really well. Putting together little 2 and 3 word sentences and chatting away lots during the day. He such a sweet little kid. Very kind and affectionate. He does have his fair share of tantrums though. We are in the thick of the 2s at the moment. So that can be a little frustrating for all concerned at times, but we are blessed to have him in our lives.
I am doing well. At the start of September I became a Learning Ladder advisor. I am really enjoying it. I love the range of books and games that they sell and I am enjoying doing get togethers to share the stuff with others. Also nice to make a bit of money to go towards my overseas trip next year which is fast coming around.
I was also chosen to be on the Design Team at a local scrapbook shop called The Scrapbook Scene. I am very excited to be part of the team at this shop. It is such a great little shop with so much great product. I have done my first few LOs for them and am looking forward to the next challenge that comes up.
Oooo and I turned the big 3-0!! I've been 30 for almost 2 months now and don't feel any different. I had a party which was lots of fun and i am getting a Digi SLR soon with the money my lovely family and friends gave me. I cannot wait!
Andrew is doing well too. Looking forward to the end of the year but not so much the reports he has to do before that comes around.
Not a whole lot else to tell. Just wanted to do a little catch-up before I get stuck back into sharing stuff on here.
Can't have a post without a photo so I will share a few

First 2 LOs are ones i've done using my own stuff

The next 2 are DT LOs for The Scrapbook Scene
This one using the new Allison Ellis Christmas papers.

This one using the new Imaginesce Christmas range. These papers are really cute!

This is a photo of Joel and his cousin Jessie at the zoo in the school holidays.

These were taken at the Silvan Tulip Festival.
Joel loves rabbits at the moment. I really want to get him one. Just have to convince Andrew!

Aren't the colours delightful!

Hope you made it this far. It was a bit picture heavy but I don't care.
Till next time.


clare reeve said...

I still read!

Ian and Viv Callander said...

me too. although I have given up on yours Clare!!

Sara said...

Gorgeous layouts and congrats on the new DT position.

Ceci said...

Those tulip photos are just delightful! Love the last one especially. :)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome update Meg!! Great to have you back with us, and I agree --- who cares if your post is photo heavy LOL

The tulip pics would have to be my fave, they're so vibrant and pretty ♥

Bree said...

Love the photos Megs, Joel just looks so cute with the rabbit :)

Marelle said...

oh the tulips are gorge

Deb said...

Love the tulip festival photos. Miss going there now we are back in Brisbane.