Triathlon Pink

Friday, November 13, 2009

I am going to enter a triathlon. Not a crazy Olympic one but Triathlon Pink - raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. My sister Beth and I are going to do it together (although secretly I think she is going to kick my butt!)
It's happening on the 31st January 2010 which sounds awhile away but I have a lot (A LOT!!!) of work to do before then if I even want to finish this race.

We are hoping to do the long course - 300m swim, 9km bike ride, 3km run but we will assess the situation (and my fitness) closer to the date. I may opt to do the medium - 200m swim, 6km ride, 2km run (walk)
I am starting my training today. Aiming to exercise every day and eat a lot healthier. Cut back on my serious addiction to chocolate and start pumping my body full of healthy yummy foods.
Need to start working on the 3 things I will be doing in the triathlon - swimming, running and bike riding.

So it's out there. I've told you all my goal. Now to stay on it and keep accountable to you guys about it.
I'm a little scared but excited as well

If any of you are interested in doing it as well, or just want some more info, you can find it on the Triathlon Pink Website here

Till next time


Gayle said...

GO MEGS!!!!! Although, end of Jan in Melb....ouch, the heat will be extreeme! I really admiring you for doing's something I don't think I could physically do...

Nat said...

Hun, that's awesome!!! So proud of you for doing this, what a great incentive for your fitness goals, and to raise money in the meantime!
GO YOU! We're all right behind you!!

Jodi said...

Good on you Megs. Shannon wil lbe so proud! lol. He loves triathlons. Looking forward to seeing the new sports freak you. ;)

Beth said...

Woo! Off on my bike ride this morning (I REALLY don't feel like it but sometimes you just don't...)
You may be able to borrow my bike... I'm thinking of buying a hybrid or using Stuarts.