Blogger shocker

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

So again I've been MIA from the blog. I've been busy yeah, but have still had time when I could have typed an entry. Just haven't really felt like blogging lately. But I really do want to keep doing this so I have decided that I am going to try and post at least twice a week. Going by my recent record, this is going to be hard but I am going to try my very best.

So what's been happening over the last few weeks. The bathroom is finally finished (except for one light and powerpoints but hopefully we can get those done this weekend). It looks so good and it was very exciting to have our first showers in there last week. I am yet to have a bath but am seriously considering having one either tonight or tomorrow so that should be great.

Pretty ain't it?

All is going well with the pregnancy (as far as I know). I have another doctors appointment on Friday so hopefully I'll get to hear the heartbeat and it'll reassure me that all is well. Don't think I've really felt any movement yet. Not really sure what I am supposed to be expecting so maybe I have.
I'm slowly getting fatter (due to the baby and not to my diet). My pants are all starting to get a little tight - actually half of them I can't even do the top button up. So I've been looking around at maternity clothes - AHHH! Found some total bargains on eBay. Bought me a skirt and top the other day for 99cents. And they are in such good condition. The top is Pumpkin Patch and the skirt is Ripe. Been outbid on a couple of items too. Hate when that happens. It's actually funny how stressful and caught up you can become when bidding on eBay. Like how dare someone bid against me. Do they not know that I need those pants!!

But eBay is a funny thing. You can pretty much sell or buy anything on there. As I was looking through the maternity section I found the funniest thing - luckily I've been doing my pelvic floor exercises cause I almost wet myself laughing.

Wait for it..... MATERNITY G-STRING. Ewwwww!!! I mean seriously girls, go without for 9 months or buy some in a bigger size but sorry to tell you but this is not attractive. And no I am not planning on buying or ever wearing one of these items.

Anyway enough nudity for one day. I really need to stop going on eBay.

I'm off now. Hopefully going to get me some scrapping done and you never know - I may post what I've done later today or tomorrow.

Till next time


Nat-Mardon said...

Oh I dunno Megs, I think you'd look GREAT in a pair of those g's!!! LMAO!!! How funny, and so very impractical... I guess at least you wouldn't have half your g or v hanging out the top of your pants, lol!!!

The bathroom looks fabbo!!! I bet you are so proud of it.

Great to hear the pregnancy is going well - how far along are you now? Feeling the baby will be like a little 'niggle' or tickle inside :) I've only just felt my bub recently... and its been when going to bed and reading for a while - babies often get active once we relax (always the way) coz our walking around often puts them to sleep...

All the best :)

Lyn Dwyer said...

YEH....Meagan is back blogging.....and hey.....I think you'd look great in that G string...bathroom looks fabulous....maybe if you try out the bath tonight "bub" might just give that first kick!

Cass said...

Thanks for the laugh - who would want to wear that???

Glad to hear that the pregnancy is going well. Have a great bath! :)

Baff said...

Good to see you blogging again.
Great bathroom pics, you guys must love it.

Not even going to comment on the G.

Jess said...

Ewww!! They really are hideous! And there's some serious touch-ups going on in that photo, because I don't know ANYONE whose butt looks that good when they're that far pregnant!

Bathroom looks wonderful!

So glad that everything is going well with the pregnancy and that you are blogging again. Can't wait to see you!


Katie Toland said...

Bathroom looks fantastic Megan! Bet it was worth waiting for. Love your heater vent too.

The G? Well, I'm with you. Not good.

My bubs felt like bubbles popping in my belly early on. Don't stress, very soon you will not be able to deny those kicks, and they will give you frights when you are least expecting it. I remember yelling out in a meeting once. So embarrasing, but I got a fright when I got a big whack on the inside!

Not much longer till we get to catch up- yay :)