All is well

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So today we had our second ultrasound. It was totally amazing. Loved seeing the little bub on the screen, jumping around and waving and kicking it's tiny, gorgeous legs. I really am totally falling in love with this little person and am starting to become more aware that there is a little human being growing inside of me. All is well. Everything is growing as it should, where it should and the bub is healthy and happy. We didn't find out what the sex was - we want it to be a surprise (although I tiny part of me would love to know but it will be definitely worth the wait!) We are halfway now so only 20 weeks to go. AHHH!

Apart from that, not a whole lot has been happening around here. Andrew totally stuffed his ankle on Sunday night and we spent a couple of hours in Emergency at Maroondah Hospital. We were so sure it was broken but luckily he just has some soft tissue damage. This is good considering we are off to Cairns in about 6 weeks. We had these horror thoughts of having to cancel our last holiday as a couple cause he's foot would have been in a cast. But that is not the case. He has a killer bruise though. So he has been home this week from school, making a permanent indent of himself on our couch and enjoying his barefoot, pregnant wife making his meals, cleaning up after him etc... NO NO. His been really good and I really don't mind looking after him. He better lap it up cause the further along I get in this pregnancy, the more I'll want him to do for me!!

I'm going to a scrap get together for some Scrap Pile girls on Saturday. It's going to be so much fun. We'll be so cool to meet some people face to face and also catch up with those I already know. Am hoping to get a bit of scrapping done.

Still doing my deck of me challenge. I'll take a picture of the ones I've done so far and post it tomorrow (to dark now). It's heaps of fun.

Anyway, I'm going to go and watch Ugly Betty (managed to push the record button on Sunday as we walked out the door to go to the hospital). Looks like a fun show

5 things I am grateful for today.
1. A healthy bub
2. That Andrew didn't break his ankle
3. Our Cairns holiday in 6 weeks
4. The opportunity to scrap with friends on the weekend
5. Ice, Ice and more Ice (I am obsessed)

Till next time

Warning - Cute Photos ahead

Saturday, February 10, 2007

So I am trying to live up to the promise of 2 posts a week. So far so good, hey! All is still well in the Spinks household. Had an ante-natal appt yesterday and all is well. Got to hear the baby's heartbeat (was very reassuring to know that there was still a little one in there) and we've been booked in for our next ultrasound Wednesday week. So about 10 days till we get to see the bub again. I'm sure that will go for what seems like forever.

Been slowly getting my scrapbooking mojo back. Been working on a little art journal challenge posted by Emily Falconbridge - very cool, slightly hippy Aussie scrapbooker who's living in the US at them moment (and actually preggers as well and due around the same time as me!)I am basically altering a deck of cards (52 in all), one a week (cause there are 52 weeks in a year - handy, ay!) and she gives a prompt on her blog every week as to what to put on the cards. I only started this week so I am a little behind but I've nearly finished the first 2 weeks and I'll post a picture once I have. It's been nice to get back into creating in small bites.

So that's what I've been up to. Also just wanted to share a couple of cute photos of my girlfriend Cath's bub Amaya. Long time readers of this blog will remember I posted a couple of pics of her when she was tiny. Well look at this little honey now! What a sweetheart - and totally like her dad.

Anyway, I must go. I'm feeling the need for a nap and them some more creating. What a great afternoon!

5 things I am grateful for today

1. That all is going well with the baby

2. That pregnancy seems to agree with me (ie no sickness, etc)

3. That I have a free night to hang out with Andrew

4. That I get to go to church tomorrow and hang with God and His people

5. Garlic Bread and Ice (not together but two things I can't seem to get enough of at the moment - although I need to invest in an ice crusher cause our ice cubes are too big!)

Till next time

Blogger shocker

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

So again I've been MIA from the blog. I've been busy yeah, but have still had time when I could have typed an entry. Just haven't really felt like blogging lately. But I really do want to keep doing this so I have decided that I am going to try and post at least twice a week. Going by my recent record, this is going to be hard but I am going to try my very best.

So what's been happening over the last few weeks. The bathroom is finally finished (except for one light and powerpoints but hopefully we can get those done this weekend). It looks so good and it was very exciting to have our first showers in there last week. I am yet to have a bath but am seriously considering having one either tonight or tomorrow so that should be great.

Pretty ain't it?

All is going well with the pregnancy (as far as I know). I have another doctors appointment on Friday so hopefully I'll get to hear the heartbeat and it'll reassure me that all is well. Don't think I've really felt any movement yet. Not really sure what I am supposed to be expecting so maybe I have.
I'm slowly getting fatter (due to the baby and not to my diet). My pants are all starting to get a little tight - actually half of them I can't even do the top button up. So I've been looking around at maternity clothes - AHHH! Found some total bargains on eBay. Bought me a skirt and top the other day for 99cents. And they are in such good condition. The top is Pumpkin Patch and the skirt is Ripe. Been outbid on a couple of items too. Hate when that happens. It's actually funny how stressful and caught up you can become when bidding on eBay. Like how dare someone bid against me. Do they not know that I need those pants!!

But eBay is a funny thing. You can pretty much sell or buy anything on there. As I was looking through the maternity section I found the funniest thing - luckily I've been doing my pelvic floor exercises cause I almost wet myself laughing.

Wait for it..... MATERNITY G-STRING. Ewwwww!!! I mean seriously girls, go without for 9 months or buy some in a bigger size but sorry to tell you but this is not attractive. And no I am not planning on buying or ever wearing one of these items.

Anyway enough nudity for one day. I really need to stop going on eBay.

I'm off now. Hopefully going to get me some scrapping done and you never know - I may post what I've done later today or tomorrow.

Till next time