My Grandpa

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So today marks the second anniversary of my Grandpa's death. He was such an awesome man and I am so privileged to have had him as my grandpa. He was loving, kind, quiet spoken but when he did speak, spoke real wisdom. He was a example of courage and a true Christian gentleman. He battled Parkinsons Disease for about 20 years of his life and perservered, even when life got a little tough for him. My nanna is also an awesome woman and stuck by Grandpa till the end, caring for him and loving him. They missed out on their 60th wedding anniversary by a few months. Such an inspiration. Love them both to bits and I miss my Grandpa a lot.
So today is for reflection on my grandpa's life and the impact he had on me.

So why not call your grandparents today, and tell them you love them. And if they are no longer with us, remember some good times you had with them.


Sofi p said...

He sounds like a wonderful man Megan. I unfortunately didn't get to know any of my gradparents.

Jess said...

Grandparents are such special people. I miss my grandmother still, and she passed away about 13 years ago now. I'll have you and your grandmother in my prayers tonight.


Lyn Dwyer said...

Grandparents can be such wonderful role models as I'm sure yours were and still are Megan.
What a nice idea to reflect on your Grandpa today....hope you got to do a layout as well with lots of lovely journaling!
I don't remember much about the times I spent with my Grandparents....we didn't get to see them very often once mum and dad went farming. We moved away into the country and it just became too much for them to visit and we gradually saw less and less of them over the years until they all passed way.


Katie Toland said...

wow megan, what a beautiful photo of them. They look adorable, and very much in love. You are really lucky to have that photo, and the precious memories of him. I didn't really know my grandparents either. They all lived overseas and I only met most of them once when I was four. My gran I met again when I was 17.

I'll be thinking of you and your family tonight.