Thank God it's Friday and Thank God for the Salvos

Friday, May 26, 2006

So I have a pretty busy weekend ahead. Not crazy busy - good busy. Tomorrow I am spending the day scrapping with my sister in law and her little girl Jessie. And then we are off to TGI Fridays at Doncaster to celebrate Jessie's 6th birthday. So Saturday will be full but good. Then Sunday is the Red Shield Appeal, which is an annual doorknock appeal that is run by The Salvation Army (who I work for and where I also attend church) to raise money for a lot of the super important programs that we run for the community. So that involves knocking on doors for about two hours, asking people to donate to this awesome cause. I love the Salvos - have been involved with this church and organisation my whole life and I really believe in what we do for our community.

Also, some good friends from our church had their baby today (the fifth baby born at our church this year!!) They had a little girl, Acacia Faith. So happy for them. They are such an awesome couple. So hopefully if they are still at the hospital we can have a visit on Sunday evening.
Went in to Target today to buy a little something for them and have realised I have the baby fever really bad. Maybe it's not such a good idea to visit a newborn. I may become terminal!

Anyway, have a good weekend and please give generously to the Red Shield Appeal and help someone in need.

Till next time