CJ has come home

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Well in a previous post (in April) I spoke about a little project I was taking part in called a Circle Journal. I made a little book and it has been posted around to different people, who add an entry and then post it to the next person.. Well yesterday I got mine back. So excited. I first sent mine off in November so it feels like forever since we started but it's finally all done. I love my book. And love all the entries that all the girls put in. It's taking pride of place on my coffee table at the moment and I can't wait to show it off to friends.

Had a day off today. Cleaned the house, did a little shopping - put a few things on lay-by - a cute little cardigan and nice black knit top, both 30% off! And I have nothing on tonight either so it's a good day all round really. Am hoping to get some stuff organised for LOs in little packs so that all the paper and photos are ready to go when I am.

Anyway, I'm off. Hopefully be back tomorrow. Want to be a little more regular with the blogging thing.

Till next time

The weekend that was

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Another weekend is almost over. Man they go quick. This one has been jam packed. Yesterday spent most of the day scrapbooking with my sister-in-law and neice Jessie. Had lots of fun. Only got one layout done but still had fun helping Jessie with her stuff. Actually really happy with how this LO turned out - the photos are of Jessie and Andrew reading together, which is something they love to do.
After scrapbooking we made our way to TGI Fridays where we had a family tea for Jessie's 6th birthday, which is on Wednesday. Had some yummy chicken quesidillas (tortilla filled with chicken, cheese, gucamole, etc...) Sooo good, yet soo bad! Then a lethal choc mud birthday cake for dessert. Andrew's other sister Susie has just been overseas for 6 weeks and bought a princess outfit and crown for Jess when they were at the Tower of London, so of course she had to put that on straight away. She did look very cute. But that means that Susie is number 1 aunty (for now!!) Will have to think of a way to better the princess outfit! I think Andrew and I are stuffed.

Today I collected for the Red Shield Appeal this morning. So flippin freezing and wet but I did it for those who needed it. And I didn't do to badly. After a couple of hours walking around collecting in the cold and wet, headed back to the meeting place for some soup and a pie.

Spent the rest of the day grocery shopping and hopefully will get a LO done tonight as well.

So mammoth weekend and I have another good one next week as well.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend as well.

Till next time

Thank God it's Friday and Thank God for the Salvos

Friday, May 26, 2006

So I have a pretty busy weekend ahead. Not crazy busy - good busy. Tomorrow I am spending the day scrapping with my sister in law and her little girl Jessie. And then we are off to TGI Fridays at Doncaster to celebrate Jessie's 6th birthday. So Saturday will be full but good. Then Sunday is the Red Shield Appeal, which is an annual doorknock appeal that is run by The Salvation Army (who I work for and where I also attend church) to raise money for a lot of the super important programs that we run for the community. So that involves knocking on doors for about two hours, asking people to donate to this awesome cause. I love the Salvos - have been involved with this church and organisation my whole life and I really believe in what we do for our community.

Also, some good friends from our church had their baby today (the fifth baby born at our church this year!!) They had a little girl, Acacia Faith. So happy for them. They are such an awesome couple. So hopefully if they are still at the hospital we can have a visit on Sunday evening.
Went in to Target today to buy a little something for them and have realised I have the baby fever really bad. Maybe it's not such a good idea to visit a newborn. I may become terminal!

Anyway, have a good weekend and please give generously to the Red Shield Appeal and help someone in need.

Till next time

Body Shop

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just got home from my first Body Shop at home party. It was so much fun. It was a foot spa party and we all got to soak, scrub and lather our feet with lots of yummy scrummy products. Man I love this stuff. Smells so good, feels so good. I have fallen in love with multiple products. There body butters feel like silk and this awesome hand rescue treatment (See above) which made my hands feel so soft. So I bought some! Wanted to buy so much more but had to restrain myself. But I've made a big list of all the things I like and am heading to my local Body shop every payday from now on. The first product on top of my want list is the Passionfruit Body Butter. Smells and looks so good I could eat it.

So I am off to sleep now that I'm relaxed and smelling goooood!!

Till next time

My Grandpa

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So today marks the second anniversary of my Grandpa's death. He was such an awesome man and I am so privileged to have had him as my grandpa. He was loving, kind, quiet spoken but when he did speak, spoke real wisdom. He was a example of courage and a true Christian gentleman. He battled Parkinsons Disease for about 20 years of his life and perservered, even when life got a little tough for him. My nanna is also an awesome woman and stuck by Grandpa till the end, caring for him and loving him. They missed out on their 60th wedding anniversary by a few months. Such an inspiration. Love them both to bits and I miss my Grandpa a lot.
So today is for reflection on my grandpa's life and the impact he had on me.

So why not call your grandparents today, and tell them you love them. And if they are no longer with us, remember some good times you had with them.

Haircut and a layout

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I finally got a chance to go and get my haircut today. It's been about two months since it was last done and it gets nasty when it starts growing. Thought I would take a pic of my new do to share - the facials are my attempt at Zoolander's Blue Steel!
Finished one of the LOs I started yesterday. Really like this one - so colourful. But hey, the photo is of a rainbow so it kinda had to be. Thanks for looking

More scrapbooking

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

So I have the day off today. House has been cleaned so once I finish blogging I am off to do some scrapping. Andrew is home today - got really bad sinus congestion and is just feeling pretty average so I am playing nurse today as well. He should be right for a couple of hours though so I can get stuck into creating. Just wanted to share a couple more layouts that I did over the last few weeks that the scanner was absent and then hopefully tomorrow I can share a couple I did today. First LO is just some random stuff about me and where i am at at the moment. The second one is some photos of a little alleyway full of cafes in the city. Too good a spot to not take a photo!

Till next time

I have the best mum in the world

Sunday, May 14, 2006

So just wanted to do a short post on this Mothers Day 2006 to say how special my mum is. I am so blessed to have such an awesome woman as a mother. My mum has taught me so many things and always takes an interest in the things that interest me. She showed me what it is to be a great wife and a fantastic mother and I thank God for both her and Dad.

So Mum, I love you heaps. Thanks for all you've done for me growing up. For encouraging me to do my best and to love God. Thanks for loving me uncondtionally, even when I disappointed you. Thanks for all the little ways you show me that I am important. Thanks for just being the awesome woman God made you to be!

I really do have the best mum in the world! Happy Mothers Day mum!

Till next time

My scanner is back

So my scanner hasn't been working for about a month now and it has been driving me insane. I have missed being able to share my LOs but it is back and it has had a serious workout today. I am just going to share 2 of the LOs today - will save the others for another time. First one is pictures of me and my friend Marina at Falls Creek. We went up there for the June long weekend last year and stayed in a big chalet. We did the full DIY day spa thing and these are the photos to prove it. VERY SEXY!! The second LO is the one I did about the sauce photo that I took a few weeks ago (See Tuesday April 18 entry). Really like how it turned out actually. It started off as a bit of a joke but it's turned out well.

Thanks for looking

A day off

Thursday, May 11, 2006

So I had the day off today - to recharge after my busy weekend. Really should have cleaned the house but my hands were just itching to get some scrapping done - almost finished my last entry into the CJ I am doing and have made a start on another LO. Feels good to be creating again. Missed just playing around with stuff.
I have another pretty busy weekend ahead. Saturday I have breakfast at Eastland with some friends, lunch for Mothers Day at my parents and then I am taking a group of kids from church to the NRL at Olympic Park. Sunday I have church in the morning, lunch with Andrew's family and then home to crash. It will be busy, but a good busy.

Things are pretty boring around here at the moment. Feel like I have nothing to write about. I am a fairly boring person though. Maybe tomorrow I will investigate some stuff on the web to share here on my blog.

Anyway, off to do some more scrapping and then watch The Amazing Race. Love that show!

Till next time

They're Out!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

After 14 nights, the two miners trapped in the Beaconsfield mine are finally free. I am just soo happy. Although I didn't know them, I felt for them and their families as they waited to be freed. This morning, as soon as I got up, I turned the TV on and there they were, walking out of the cage and waving. What a miracle that they were able to walk out after 14 days of super cramped conditions. I get a sore back from sitting funny just for a few hours. It just shows how strong the human spirit can be and how awesome Aussie mateship truly is. The others miners worked day and night to get their mates out.

Proud to be an Aussie today (and everyday!!)

Till next time


Monday, May 08, 2006

I know this is my second post in one day but I have to catch up cause I've been away.

While I was away, Katie tagged me, so here are my answers
Things in my fridge
1. Lots of sauce!
2. Vegies
3. Milk
4. Ricotta Cheese
5. Tzatziki Dip (yum!)

In my closet
1. 3 Pairs of jeans (hate 1 pair, love the other 2)
2. Fab cord 3/4 jacket (love it)
3. Shoes (could always do with more)
4. Two bridesmaids dresses
5. Handbags

In my handbag
1. Keys
2. Phone
3. Wallet
4. Lip Balm
5. About 6 pens

In my car
1. CDs
2. Sheet music
3. Umbrella
4. ALDI shopping bags
5. First Aid Kit

On my DVD/ video player
1. Friends TV series
2. Chronicles of Narnia
3. Hitch
4. Love Actually
5. Notting Hill

So there you have it. My life according to my fridge, handbag, car, closet and DVD player.

Do you know me better now???

Till next time

My weekend

Well I'm back. Have had a super busy last week and weekend. Have been preparing for our church's young adults retreat which I was organising as well as speaking at. It was such a good weekend but I am kind of glad it's over for another year. I was really stressed out about me speaking and making sure I had everything organised but once I got up there and just soaked in the surrounds and the atmosphere, I had a great time. We stayed at Camp Howqua which is about 20 mins from Mansfield. Such a beautiful little spot. So much awesome nature to look at. The photo above was the view from the building we stayed in, and on Sunday around lunchtime, after quite a few hours of rain, this is the scene that met me as I went for a little stroll to take some photos. I really felt like it was sign from God saying "well done Megs!" and that he was happy at what had taken place over the weekend.

So, I am happy to be back. Happy to establish a bit more routine again, happy to focus on something else at work. Happy to start scrapping again, but even more happy that the retreat went so well and that our group dynamics were changed for the better.

Till next time.

Loving Autumn

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So Autumn is well and truly in full swing around here. We have a gorgeous Mini Japanese Maple in our backyard and it is just bursting with autumn colours (see pic above).
Haven't posted in almost a week, but I have been soooo busy. Been planning and organising our church's young adults retreat which is this weekend. And on top of that I seem to have a stack of other things that I've managed to put on my plate this week. So definitely no scrapping this week. Should be a good weekend though. I have put a stack of work into it so I hope it goes well. A little nervous actually but hey, I can only do my best.

On the weight loss front, I have lost my first kilo! So I am pretty stoked with that. Have been working out at least once a day (for around 30mins at a time) but most days I've been going out their morning and night! Feeling really good and different to any other time that I've done something like this. I tend to make excuses for myself as to why I can't go and exercise and it seems that my "Just go and do it and stop whining" voice, is winning over.

So 1 kg down, 9 to go!!

May not get a chance to post before the weekend, so have a good one and I'll be back Sunday night!

Till next time