The end is nigh

Monday, October 31, 2011

So here we are the last day of October and the last day of Blogtober. What a fun ride it's been. I've enjoyed it but it was a challenge too. There were days I really struggled to think of things to write but all in all it was a good challenge. I only missed one day (well technically 2 but the first one was the 1st October and I didn't start Blogtober till the 2nd so technicality really).
Blogtober has been the kick in the pants I have needed to start blogging again. So whilst it's the end of Blogtober I am hoping to keep writing regularly here. Most likely not everyday (in fact definitely not everyday ha ha ha ha) but maybe 1-2 times a week.

So thank you to everyone that read my posts. To those that commented both here and on Facebook. Hopefully you'll continue to follow along in the coming weeks and months.

Till next time!


Tam said...

Congrats, mate! It was hard work, hey? But fun, and I've really loved your honest and humour. I'll absolutely be reading whenever you blog :)

Ian and Viv Callander said...

Great effort Megs. Proud of you. Wish we had been 10% as faithful with our blog as you have been with yours. See you real soon!! D xoxo