Learning letters

Friday, October 28, 2011

Joel's been practicing writing his name this week. He's getting really good at it too. He's got the J, O & L down pat but the e is proving a bit trickier. I've been dotting out the e and he traces it. But we'll persist, keep trying and practicing and eventually get it. So proud of him for trying so hard. He's doing so well. And he's a leftie! Cool huh. First one in this family.

Till next time


Anonymous said...

Go joel!!!

left-handers are a unique breed!!!

Mum and dad xox

Anonymous said...

4 letter names a re great! Way to go Joel! You are doing so well little man. Maybe thats why my mother left off the 'e' in my name :) There was a method to her madness after all :D
Lv Jodi x