The ANZAC spirit

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ANZAC day is a time for us as Aussies (and New Zealanders) to reflect on the sacrifices that were made by thousands and thousands of men and women, who fought, some died and others returned, never the same as when they left. Some ANZAC days just go by and I sometimes forget to reflect on what was done so that I could live so free. But today I made sure that I remembered, even for one minute, those men and women. It is something I really cannot comprehend and something I hope I will never have to endure.
I watched the start of the Essendon/Collingwood game today and they had John Williamson singing True Blue as some old diggers were ferried around the ground and I have to tell you there's was a slightly huge lump in my throat. What must some of these men seen? What stories could they share? What stories would be too hard for them to tell?

So these are my ANZAC day ramblings - probably not too coherent but I don't think war is too coherant and I don't think words are enough to express the gratitude I feel today towards all those how have and continue to serve our country.

Lest we forget


Jess said...

I'm with you 100% Megan. I always find Anzac Day a hugely emotional experience.


Katie Toland said...

Well said Megan. It is easy to just think of it as another public holiday, but we can't let it be like that. Our children have to learn the importance of it.