Ice Ice Baby & Childhood Memories

Friday, July 21, 2006

Man was it cold this morning. Had to de-ice the car this morning - not once, but twice. That's how cold it was. Went out the back a took this photo of a leaf on the ground, covered in frost. Poor little thing.
Am going sneaker shopping tonight. Am starting to play basketball again on Monday night and I am in dire need of some new shoes. I have had the others ones since before I was married (5 years) so they have done me a good service.
Then tomorrow the young adults group at church is having a Christmas in July dinner at one of the couple's houses - up in Olinda. It's going to be cold enough to make it feel like a Northern Hemi Christmas. They have a nice big fire too so it should be tons of fun. Will definitely be taking photos.

Just want to leave you with another photo I took yesterday. Was driving home and along the fence line of our house in the next street over from us were these flowers. Now I know they are weeds but they reminded me of my childhood. You see these would grow everywhere in South Australia (where I did some of my growing up and also where my grandparents' houses were). I remember visiting my Nanna & Grandpa's house and walking up the street with my sister to pick some "flowers" for Nanna. She called them sour sobs (don't think that is the correct horticultural name for them! LOL) Yes they are weeds (I didn't know that at the time) but I still think they are kind of beautiful. They look so happy! Even in the most nasty of things (weeds are nasty!) there can be beauty.

What are some things that make you remember your childhood?

Why not relieve a little of it today?

Till next time (Merry Christmas!)


Sofi p said...

It has been very cold! Love the photos, Megan, especially the leaf.